Facebook is buying Oculus VR and why that is so scary


About two years ago we all started hearing about this thing the Oculus Rift. It was really the greatest looking virtual reality experience since sliced bread, or at least there was the promise that it was going to be. The VR headset invented primarily by Palmer Lucky had a Kickstarter that went bonkers because the thing looked so great. Over the last couple years gamers had been looking and anticipating and salivating and creaming their pants over the Rift until today, when it was announced that Facebook was buying Oculus VR for $2 billion. It’s a lot of money for sure, and even somewhat understandable, but god what a let down.

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Special CES 2013 TechfastCast

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Hello Hello Hello!

We are excited to offer our mid-CES 2013 TechfastCast Special.  In this episode we briefly touch on our favorite things we have seen so far at CES.  This episode is a little shorter than usual, but fear not!  We will be back in a couple days once CES is over with our regular weakly TechfastCast in which we will go more in depth on all the best of CES 2013.  Until then, enjoy this special and unprecedented TechfastCast.

– Andrew

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