Apple Special Event Hub

You didn’t think we’d be back, but we are! We wouldn’t leave you standing in the cold and the rain. It’s been a month hiatus, but The Techfast Club has officially returned. We are here today just in time for Apple’s special event, likely covering new iPads, new Macs, and hopefully a lot more. For all the latest news and analysis come to this page. We’re glad to be back!

Andrew & Kyle

New iPad mini

iPad Air





TFC WWDC 2013 hub


By Andrew Levy

Over the last few months, rumors and speculation surrounding WWDC 2013 have reached a fever pitch. For the next few days, hopefully some of our questions will be answered. At 10am this morning Apple will begin its keynote presentation at this years WWDC. Whether its iOS 7, a fables streaming music service, or new Macbooks we at the Techfast Club plan to give you up to date coverage on everything you need to know.

This is your Techfast Club WWDC 2013 hub, stay with us.

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