The new iPad Air, 1 pound

ipad air 1

By Andrew Levy

In addition to updating the iPad mini, Apple also announced a new full size iPad today, the iPad Air. The Air is the thinnest and lightest full-size iPad that Apple had made to date. The device weighs exactly 1 pound and is 7.5mm thin, 28% lighter and 20% thinner than its predecessor.

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Apple’s new iPad mini with Retina

ipad mini

By Andrew Levy

At Apple’s remarkably predictable event today, Tim Cook and pals announced the company’s new line of iPads.We had been expecting a refresh of one of the most successful consumer electronics for some time now, so this news did not really come as a surprise.

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Android 4.2.2 moves to Nexus 4, removes unofficial/idle LTE capability

Nexus 4 5

By Andrew

Yesterday, Google began rolling out it’s 4.2.2 update to certain Nexus devices including the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7 and 10 tablets.  As of today, Nexus 4 users have begun noticing their phones updating as well, (though my Nexus 4 has not received an update).  Unfortunately the 4.2.2 update nerfs the dormant LTE capabilities the the Nexus 4 possesses in the form of AWS Band 4, reports AnandTech.

Though the Nexus 4 was not supposed to have an LTE radio to begin with, sources at AnandTech and XDA Developers forums users found the sleeping band that was able to be activated via some hidden settings.  This specific Band would have allowed the Nexus 4 to operate on T-Mobile’s upcoming LTE network.  Whether or not Google will reinstate the LTE radio on the Nexus 4 once T-Mobile begins its LTE roll out remains to be seen.  This could be a preemptive move to push consumers towards the X Phone (Google and Motorola’s rumored future flagship) assuming it would be arriving around the time as the T-Mobile LTE roll out.