Apple’s new iPad mini with Retina

ipad mini

By Andrew Levy

At Apple’s remarkably predictable event today, Tim Cook and pals announced the company’s new line of iPads.We had been expecting a refresh of one of the most successful consumer electronics for some time now, so this news did not really come as a surprise.

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Apple Special Event Hub

You didn’t think we’d be back, but we are! We wouldn’t leave you standing in the cold and the rain. It’s been a month hiatus, but The Techfast Club has officially returned. We are here today just in time for Apple’s special event, likely covering new iPads, new Macs, and hopefully a lot more. For all the latest news and analysis come to this page. We’re glad to be back!

Andrew & Kyle

New iPad mini

iPad Air




Apple App Store fifth anniversary, top apps and games going for free

5 years apps

By Andrew Levy

The fifth anniversary for Apple’s App Store is fast approaching (July 10th). In honor of five incredibly successful years, a number of top iOS apps have gone free. Amongst several other applications and games, users can get Barefoot World Atlas (normally $4.99), Infinity Blade II (normally $5.99), Tiny Wings (normally $2.99), Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (normally $4.99), and Tractor DJ (normally 19.99) all for free.

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