Apple Special Event Hub

You didn’t think we’d be back, but we are! We wouldn’t leave you standing in the cold and the rain. It’s been a month hiatus, but The Techfast Club has officially returned. We are here today just in time for Apple’s special event, likely covering new iPads, new Macs, and hopefully a lot more. For all the latest news and analysis come to this page. We’re glad to be back!

Andrew & Kyle

New iPad mini

iPad Air





Apple iPhone Event Hub


Tomorrow (9/16) is Apple’s iPhone event in San Francisco. We are expecting the iPhone 5s, the rumored iPhone 5c, and potentially much more including an updated Apple TV. Stick with us for all the latest and most current news and information. We’ll be posting everything here on the Apple iPhone Event Hub for your convenience. The event starts at 10am PST and there is a lot to look forward to, stay right here.

Apple announces the iPhone 5c

iPhone 5S – New processor, camera, fingerprint sensor

iPhone 5s and 5c available for preorder tomorrow and in stores Friday Sept. 20th

Google Chromecast review

For $35 you can’t go wrong. Google has finally delivered in the living room.

Chromecast 2

By Andrew Levy

Less than a week ago Google announced its newest media streaming device, Google Chromecast. The Chromecast essentially converts your dumb TV into a smart TV, allowing users to stream internet content to their living room. The price tag of the device is also especially appealing, coming in at a paltry $35. In fact, the Chromecast and its low price were so appealing to consumers, Google discontinued its three months free Netflix promotion one day after going on sale.

Google has played in the arena of media streaming devices before, in 2010 the tech world watched as Google TV crashed and burned in a fiery blaze of crappiness. So, will Google’s latest foray into the living room bust like Google TV and the Nexus Q, or has Mountain View finally made a device that can compete with the golden standard of the Apple TV?

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