The new iPad Air, 1 pound

ipad air 1

By Andrew Levy

In addition to updating the iPad mini, Apple also announced a new full size iPad today, the iPad Air. The Air is the thinnest and lightest full-size iPad that Apple had made to date. The device weighs exactly 1 pound and is 7.5mm thin, 28% lighter and 20% thinner than its predecessor.

ipad air

Besides the aesthetic differences, the iPad Air is essentially the same as the iPad mini. While the Air’s display is roughly 2-inches larger than the mini, the resolution is the same (2048×1536), meaning the iPad Air actually sports a much lower PPI count in comparison (264ppi).

The guts of the Air are also largely the same as the mini. The device comes with the same A7 chip (64-bit), same Wi-Fi, same optional LTE capabilities, same 10 hour battery life, etc.

The iPad Air starts at $499 for 16GB and goes up to $799 for 128GB. The LTE models start at $629 for 16GB which is the same price as the new 16GB LTE iPad mini. The iPad Air will also be available on November 1st.


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