Apple’s new iPad mini with Retina

ipad mini

By Andrew Levy

At Apple’s remarkably predictable event today, Tim Cook and pals announced the company’s new line of iPads.We had been expecting a refresh of one of the most successful consumer electronics for some time now, so this news did not really come as a surprise.

The iPad mini is to remain largely the same regarding the aesthetic design, however the device is actually .1-inches thicker than the previous model. As many of us suspected, Apple upgraded the 7.9-inch display from 1024×768 (163ppi) to a Retina 2048×1536 (326ppi) powerhouse of a viewing experience. The new mini also sports Apple’s A7 chip, with 64-bit architecture.

Apple also saw fit to bump up the WiFi performance “thanks to two antennas and MIMO technology”. The mini will also be available with LTE radios built in. There is also a new bigger battery inside, allowing the device to reach and impressive 10 hours on a single charge (Apple claims).

ipad mini 1

Similar to the iPhone 5s, the iPad mini comes in both Space Gray and Silver, unfortunately there is no Gold option. To add to that disappointment, unlike the iPhone 5s there is no fingerprint reader on the mini.

The upgrades to the iPad mini are more evolutionary than revolutionary, but still welcome changes. The starting price of Apple’s fun size tablet is $399 or 16GB, $499 for 32GB etc. The LTE equipped mini starts at $529 for 16GB all the way to $829 for 128GB. Users will be able to get their paws on the new iPad mini in November.

Update: All new iOS devices (including this new iPad mini) will come with iLife and iWork suites for free.


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