iTunes Radio Coming September 18


By Kyle Romain

In an exciting yet predictable move, Apple has announced that they will be throwing their hat into the ring in the web radio business. iTunes radio will go live at the same time as iOS7  on September 18th.

The service, very similar to Pandora, will let users say which songs they do and don’t like, create their own stations, be able to see their entire history of played songs, and will be offered for free with ads (iTunes Match subscribers will get an ad-free version). Because of the nature of iTunes, purchasing songs will be simplified as well, with a single click to purchase in the iTunes Store.

This moves makes a lot of sense for Apple at the moment, due to the lack of sales in the iTunes store caused by the ever-growing popularity of streaming music services. They will likely become Pandora’s top competitor, offering their massive library of music and other audio to consumers. But with both services offering what seems to be a limitless library of music to choose from, the competition will likely come down to what each service does to separate itself from the competition; because both services are at the very least looking like cousins at the moment.


source/image source: Apple


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