Galaxy Gear Reveal on September 4th

samsungwatch-582_size_blog_postBy Kyle Romain

It will be a season for smartwatches this Winter, with the already-expected Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch set to debut on September 4th at an official Samsung event at the annual IFA conference in Berlin. The device will be Android-based and employ a ‘non-flexible’ display, with no word yet on price or different models. TouchWiz for your wrist, anybody?

Samsung Mobile executive vice president Lee Young-hee stated that the Galaxy Gear is a “wearable concept device” and is “confident that the Gear will ad meaningful momentum to the mobile industry”. While this is leading many others to believe that the Gear will be an experiment in the market – a pioneer device used solely to test the waters – it will likely be competing with Apple’s rumored smartwatch, which is also set to debut in the coming months. Samsung will have the luxury of releasing their smartwatch to the public first, but coupled with the fact that the potential smartwatch market is anything but defined, the Galaxy Gear will have tough competition right out of the gates.

In another expected move, Lee also goes on to confirm the existence of the Galaxy Note III which will also make an appearance at the company’s event next week. She also managed to crush rumors of Samsung preparing to buy BlackBerry, saying that there were no plans/talks on the table at this time. So even though we may not get the hidden BlackBerry smartwatch that I know we all wanted, we will at least have plenty to look forward to this holiday season.


Source: Samsung, Korea Times


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