ZTE Open to be First Firefox Phone Available in US & UK


By Kyle Romain

We’ve already heard about the ZTE Open, the new Firefox OS phone, which was expected for developing markets. The phone, which runs Firefox’s own in-house OS, has relatively weak internals, a subpar 3.5-inch HVGA display, and not a whole lot else. The point of all of this was to cut costs and deliver a reasonably-priced smartphone that would likely be sold outside of the US, and ZTE has delivered with the price being revealed today.

ZTE will be bringing the Open to US and UK customers via the eBay Manufacturers Store for $79.99 (₤59.99 in the UK). Anybody who purchases the Open on eBay will receive an unlocked version which is “not optimized for specific networks” in the eBay-exclusive orange color scheme. Anybody looking to get in with the Open right away can pick it up online starting this Friday, but there’s no word yet on a widespread US/UK launch.

The $80 price point is sure to lure in some early adopters and others looking for a cheap device, but it’s yet to be seen how the Open will fare against the already crowded US smartphone market. Coupled with the fact that it is widely expected that Apple will be releasing a budget-version of the mega-popular iPhone, the Open may find it harder to gain ground here at home than abroad in those developing markets.

Source: ZTE BusinessWire


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