Xbox One loses DRM restrictions


By Andrew Levy

Over the past several months rumors surrounding the DRM on the Xbox One grew and grew, only to be confirmed at Microsoft’s Xbox press event and at E3. Journalists, bloggers, gamers, and 10-year-old COD fans collectively cried out in rage and frustration as disappointing announcements regarding a 24-hour phone home feature, used game restrictions, and more became the inevitable DRM-tastic reality of Microsoft’s newest console.

Following Microsoft’s press conference at E3, Sony showed off the PS4 which for all intents and purposes had none of the crippling DRM as the One. This may have been great news for gamers, but as far as Redmond was concerned, it poised the Xbox as the early loser in the war for the next-gen living room.

Today Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment Don Mattrick released a statement completely reversing the companies stance regarding the DRM on the One. Instead of imposing an array of new “next-gen” restrictions on gamers, the Xbox One will not need to always be online, it will not phone home every 24 hours, all game discs will work on the One, downloaded content will function both on and offline, selling and trading used games will not have restrictions, and there will be no regional locks.

So, why the change of heart? Well… following Microsoft and Sony’s keynote presentations at E3 last week it was difficult to not crown Sony as the certain winner. At this point we will simply have to wait and see if Microsoft’s gamer-friendly gestures will put the Xbox One back into contention against the PS4. Don’t forget, the PS4 is still going to be $100 cheaper.

source: Microsoft


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