Moto X coming this summer


By Andrew Levy

Following Google’s $12 billion acquisition of Motorola in May of last year, expectations and rumors surrounding the Google influenced X phone grew. Today, at the D11 conference, Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside discussed with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher that the Moto X will be arriving before October and that it will be assembled in Fort Worth, TX… yes that’s right, America.

Though Woodside did not show the device, which was apparently in his pocket the whole time, he did give a sparse few details about the phone. Primarily that the Moto X will know when it is in your pocket, when it is in your hand, or when you are riding in the car or on the bus. The device will know what you are doing to offer a more “seamless” experience. Additionally the Moto X will also feature an OLED display.

Later in the day Motorola released an official statement about the Moto X, noting that the device would be released this summer rather than in October with a number of other devices.

sources: All Things D, Motorola



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