Google Maps update for desktop and soon to be mobile

new maps

By Kyle

Google is giving everyone new reasons to never go back to Apple Maps again, unveiling a suite of new features, updates, and look to Google Maps. While there is no timeline associated with the updates, many of the new features were demoed at today’s I/O event.

The overall goal of the changes, was to create a connectedness with the user’s surroundings. Additions like ‘Place Recommendations’ will show what places friends on Google+ have rated, as well as which ones are currently offering specials or deals (including national chains such as Starbucks). Maps will now track the locations that the user frequently visits as well; creating landmarks on the page that can be used to find locations that offer a similar experience but now with cards.

This is all of course on the back of an update for the primary purpose of maps, which will help users find their way even more efficiently. Adding a faster-updating and more dynamic system to report accidents will be coupled with a re-routing feature to help avoid such problem zones on their daily commute. This can be particularly handy with Google Now letting anybody see their fastest route at-a-glance.

While there will be more minor changes such as new images and Google Explore (which will let you browse locations based on your particular mood or activity), the new Google Maps will not only help users explore their surroundings, but get their without a hitch. The preview for the desktop version is available now and the Android and iOS versions should be rolling out in the near future.

source: Google


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