Google begins rolling out ‘Play Games’ pre-I/O

play games

By Andrew

Android Police is reporting that Google has begun to slowly roll out its new Play Games platform to select devices. Though the application is not finished at the moment, but the app file gives some hints as to what is to come. These features include a slew of multiplayer functionalities such as leaderboards, matchmaking, achievements, and in-game chat.  Additionally, users will be graced with cloud game saving (we can hardly wait). The app file also suggests that Google Play Games will be heavily integrated with Google+.

Though this Play Games platform is far from the complete version Google is likely to announce at I/O, we are excited to see Google looking in the direction of multiplayer gaming. We are particularly looking forward to what Play Games has to offer in the multiplayer realm as the Ouya official launch date of of June 25th looms nearer.



source: Android Police


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