Motorola working on ‘just right size’ stock Android product line


By Andrew

Over the course of the last couple years we have seen the evolution of smartphone sizes virtually double.  From the humble beginnings of the miniscule and completely manageable 3.5-inch iPhone, to the upcoming and absurdly gargantuan Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3, the market has clearly spoken for big-ass phones right?   Not entirely.

Yesterday, a petition was started on GSMArena, calling for mid-sized Android phones with high-end specs:

  • Footprint and profile similar to Motorola RAZR i or Apple iPhone 5
  • A 4.2″ display of at least 720p resolution (1080p would be an overkill on this size)
  • Top-of-the line chipset (Snapdragon 600, Exynos 5 Octa, Tegra 4)
  • Adequate camera

Apparently some people (including us at the TFC) are not entirely happy with 5-inch phones dominating the market.  It’s certainly a shame that to get manufacturers to even consider producing smaller high-end devices, consumers must petition them to do so.  Over the next month or so we will see a slew of new high-end Android phones hitting the market, the HTC One, Galaxy S4, etc. none with a less than 4.7-inch screen.  So where shall the reasonable-sized-phone seekers look?

Queue in Motorola.  As the Verge’s Dan Seifert reports, Motorola is working on Android phones “with stock software, [at] just right size”.  As the Verizon shackles seem to be loosening around Motorola’s ankle following Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility, the manufacturer seems to be exploring its new freedom by working more closely with Google to develop a new and smaller product line.  This new line will apparently be equipped with stock Android.  Yes, you read that right, stock Android.  These phones however are not the fabled X Phone, which should arrive a little later.

sources: The Verge, GSMArena, TelecoMonthly


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