Microsoft to allow transferable Office licenses after 90 days, will push rapid updates to Office 365


By Andrew

A couple weeks ago on The TechfastCast, Kyle and I were discussing our disappointment that once a user downloads their standalone version of Microsoft Office 2013, that license would be locked to the computer they installed it on, until the end of time.  Following a slew of what we can only imagine to be flaming bags of dog feces and death threats, Microsoft has reversed its consumer unfriendly ruling.

Presumably beginning now, Microsoft is allowing users to transfer their Office licenses to different computers so long as they wait 90 days to do so.  This comes as quite a relief as Microsoft’s previous strategy to push users towards the yearly subscription of Office, rather than the standalone version did feel a little… bastardly.  Microsoft is however still betting on the subscription based Office 365, hinting that 365 will receive loads of updates and apps.  For the time being Microsoft will keep the traditional standalone Office as an option for consumers, but it is fairly clear that yearly revenue streams seems quite a bit more intriguing to Microsoft.  We can only imagine why.


Sources: The Verge, Engadget


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