BlackBerry World goes live on the eve of BB10 launch

Blackberry world

By Andrew

As RIM gears up for tomorrow’s launch of BlackBerry 10 and the announcement of two brand new BlackBerry handsets, their new content delivery store his quietly gone live.  BlackBerry World, the artist formally known as BlackBerry App World, is RIM’s brand new store that offers music, TV, movies, themes, games, and apps.  The store is currently offering a similar price structure to other online media retailers, there is however no music streaming service option.  On the other hand, BlackBerry World does boast next day TV releases.  Though BlackBerry World is far from revolutionary, it is still exciting to see things moving over at RIM.

Come back to The Techfast Club over the next couple days to stay up to date on all thing BlackBerry as we follow the launch of BB10.


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