Google finally offering scan and match service on Play Music, no more tedious library uploading

Google Play

By Andrew

In mid 2011, Google launched a service allowing users to upload their music library to the cloud which they could then stream from anywhere on any device that supported Google Music. The process of uploading one’s files to the cloud was an arduous one, especially considering Google allowed users to upload up to 20,000 songs.

Google is now offering the same service, but rather than users uploading their entire libraries to the cloud, their libraries will be scanned and almost instantly matched song for song online. If a library contains any songs that are not within Google’s library, users are still given the option to upload the missing content.

The only problem this may present is if some users have songs with particularly high frame rates. It is difficult to say at this point whether or not Google will match that or not, all signs however point to no. Amazon and Apple both offer similar services but for $25 a year with up to 250,000 and 25,000 songs respectively. Will Google’s new strategy be enough to pull users from Amazon and Apple’s streaming services, and might it also be enough to hedge against other streaming services like Rdio and Spotify?


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