Over 10M Google Maps for iOS downloads in less than 48 hours

Google maps
By Andrew

Late last Wednesday evening, the Google Maps app for iOS landed in the app store to the glee of essentially every person with a phone running iOS 6. This was welcome news following the release of iOS 6 which featured an Apple-created maps application, rather than the traditional Google Maps. Apple’s “Maps” was far from as robust as the previous Google app that had graced iOS products up to this point. It gave users false directions, was slower than Google Maps, didn’t have as many useful features, and the “Fly Over” mode was, for all intents and purposes, completely broken.

Apple’s native maps app brought a steady flow of user frustration and hate, so much so that Apple issued a formal apology, one that the iOS leader Scott Forstall refused to sign, which was one of the reasons for his departure from the company.

Since the launch of iOS 6, users have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Google’s fail-safe maps app. Google Maps has now finally arrived, and it has been rather successful to say the least. Google’s senior VP of commerce announced today on his Google+ page that the Google Maps application for iOS reached over 10 million downloads in less than 48 hours.

If are not one of those 10 million you can go get your copy of Google Maps on the App Store for the steep price of free.


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