TechfastCast Beta 6

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Hello all!

We are back! We apologize for being absent last week. This week’s podcast is a little longer and a lot awesomer to make up for our missing last week. Also I am sick, so as an extra bonus I cough a few times. Have a listen on our site our as always you can download the podcast below and save it for later. We plan on moving out of beta and having the podcast on iTunes before the new year.
Thank you so much for listening!

– Andrew

2:00 – Nexus 4 Review
11:55 – Google not building Windows 8 and WP8 apps
16:45 – Apple and TV
22:50 – Apple manufacturing Macs in the US
31:25 – More MS Surfaces being manufactured for Staples and Best Buy
34:50 – Lumia 620
40:35 – Valve’s living room PC
44:20 – Gaming Section

To Download MP3, right click this link and choose “Save Link As…”


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