TechfastCast Beta 3

Hello Again Techfasters!

We are happy to bring you The TechfastCast Beta 3 featuring a brand new microphone for better sound quality as well as a new player. As far as I can tell you should still be able to listen on our site or download the MP3 to listen on your own time. We are still in beta mode, but we are also very happy with how things are coming along, and we would like to thank you for being patient and putting up with us. If you have any questions, concerns, statements, or fun facts you can reach us on twitter @thetechfastclub or email us at

We love you all, and happy listening.

– Andrew

To Download, right click this link and choose “Save Link As…”

1:30 Nexus 4
5:00 Google Fiber
7:30 Google Wireless Network
10:00 HTC Droid DNA
14:20 Kyle says something about Widgets
15:35 GTA V
19:40 Crysis 3
23:25 Wii U
31:35 Skyfall
33:50 Apple Owns Page Turn Animation Patent
36:00 My NFL viewing dreams
40:50 Wrap Up


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